About the Artist

Hi there and welcome to bettybluebelle!










My name Artist with Australian native flower printis Anna and I am the sole designer and creator here. An artist from way back, (when I was in single digits!)
I have always had a love of anything creative. As you 
can see I also love the Australian bush, in particular
the wildflowers and birds that live there. 



       After having my own two children, and
decorating two nurseries and then children's
rooms, I really wanted to create statement
pieces that could be bought when a baby was
born but wouldn't need to be replaced as the child
grew older. I really hold great value in providing
quality products that can last a lifetime and so
created the simple yet elegant floral letters, each
painted by hand and no two the same. A quick
look around my site will show that I have expanded
greatly from this original design and now offer
letters in a variety of patterns as well as other
statement pieces, fine art prints and beautiful
greeting cards (which can be framed by
the recipient as a mini art print).



I really enjoy painting pieces that spark love, memories and happiness when people see them. It is amazing to be able to help my customers create a beautiful, natural vibe in their home, a space where they can relax and be at peace in their surroundings. I am also very passionate about sustainable practices and creating an awareness of the environmental footprint we leave on the earth so you will see that most (soon to be all!) of my greeting cards are made from 100% recycled card and I am also in the process of changing my packaging to biodegradable cellophane. 

I truly hope you enjoy viewing my artwork and find something that you can admire everyday in your own home.