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bbb recommends.... BrendaWillisArt!

Hi there!

My name is Anna and welcome to my weekly blogpost, bettybluebelle recommends! Each week I showcase unique products from some of the best makers and creators across Australia.

This week I would love to introduce to you Brenda from BrendaWillisArt who creates beautiful pencil drawings.

You can find out a little bit about her and her biz below as well as links to her Instagram page and Etsy store.  Head on over and check out her drawings, I can personally attest to the amazing quality as we own one of her original Cockatoo drawings!


How long have you been running your biz?

I started the 100 drawing challenge in July 2018 to force me out of my comfort zone and to try something new. I am now at number 55. After having three children I needed a change. As an experiment I loaded my challenge drawings in an Etsy story and after a while they started to sell. My original drawings for the challenge were horses but it has since evolved to cover birds, flowers, people, nudes and pet portraits. I have since added a house portrait to that list. My Etsy store currently has 51 items and its come a long way in 8 months. It has been a big learning curve in these 8 months, not just with learning to draw again but with running an online business.


Is your business a full time or part time gig?

BrendaWillisArt is a part time job for me. I still have one little one at home so it is a constant juggle of activities, school runs, and kids every day. Who knows, it could become a full time venture one day.


What is your favourite medium to work with? 

Before kids my favourite medium was acrylic painting. Having a busy house is not conducive to a painting studio, so it made sense to start a drawing challenge. Something that I could do anywhere and pack up quickly. It has been quite empowering to make something simply with a piece of paper and a pencil. My style and abilities have grown with every drawing and I still have a long way to go.


What inspires your work?

I love lines, curves, shadows, contrast and most of all something that evokes a feeling or shows personality. Sometimes it's a colour such as the blue of a Blue Wren or the pink of the galah. It's hard to plan in advance as what inspires me can change weekly.  I have found that if I am working on a commissioned highly detailed piece, I am then craving a messy, loose and free drawing.




BrendaWillisArt Instagram Page


BrendaWillisArt Etsy store

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