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bbb recommends.... Davey Designs!

Hi everyone!

This week on bbb recommends I would love to introduce to you Leanne from Davey Designs who creates many beautiful things out of timber. Leanne designs and makes wall decor, personalised pieces and even a range of timber designs to support the Early Years Learning Framework.

Just like me, Leanne has a love for all things Australian so you will find plenty of Australiana amongst her designs, I think my personal favourite would have to be the timber gum leaf wreaths! 

Have a read below to find out a bit more about Leanne and her biz as well as links to her Facebook and Instagram pages.


xx Anna


How long have you been running your biz? Is it your full time gig or a side hustle?

Davey Designs commenced in 1994 and has been making the current product range for the past 11 years. That really came about from the wonderful world of Facebook. After I joined Facebook as ‘me’ in 2007, I happened to make a few baby gifts for friends and took photos of the products. Many FB friends were unaware that I had been creating for years and began ordering from me. Then their friends starting sending PMs and ordering, then their friends started …. and on and on it went. Within four quick months I was accidentally running a business …… and 11 years later here we are!

I worked a corporate finance day job and ran Davey Designs at nights and on weekends for 7 years. After I had my 5th heart attack (yes you read that right, “5th”) and had to have quintuple open heart surgery in 2015, I was forced to giveaway doing the two, so quit the day job and have run DD full time since. Everything is designed and made by me in my home-based office/studio in beautiful Melbourne. I am very proud to say that my 7000+ Facebook followers are all organic! Almost 85% of todays orders are from repeat customers who loved their first order so much they come back, again and again. I am super proud of this, I never take it for granted, I truly appreciate it and love the customer relationships I have built with so many wonderful people.


What is your favourite product to create?

I primarily make personalised home decor items and have a large range to choose from. I also design and make an extensive range of timber products and resources that support the Early Year Learning framework for child care centres, kinders and family day care providers. At the moment my favourite items to make are the Feather Arrow Names, with hand cut paper feathers. I also adore making my very unique timber Gum Leaves and Gum Nuts, all hand painted and hand burnt for real life details.


What inspires you/where do you get your ideas for products from? Oh my gosh, that is a hard one to answer! Quite often new ideas come into my crazy head merely sitting at a red light in traffic. Or I might see a sign on a building, or a font I like on the side of a truck, or love the colours in a piece of fabric in a dress shop. I also get bored easily, even though I am flat out working 50+ hours a week, so I will often just sit in the office at home with pen and paper and scribble ideas. Sometimes it can be 12 months before I come back to the design. No shortage of ideas just come to me, that is simply how I am wired!



Davey Designs Facebook Page


Davey Designs Instagram Page

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