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How to choose ART for your home!

I'm often asked about how I choose artworks for my home. As you would expect, I have many original art pieces as well as prints adorning my walls. But while I am drawn towards Australiana and nature themed pieces you might love bright, bold abstracts or landscapes.

My style may be completely different to yours and yet when choosing art for your home, the following 3 tips can apply to anyone!


1. Live with what you love!

The golden rule of decorating! This may seem simple but sometimes we can be caught up in the latest trends and end up with a space feeling a bit, well... beige. (Not that there is anything wrong with beige if that's what you truly love!)

When you buy artwork, whether it's an original painting or a beautiful print you want to choose something that will bring you joy when you look at it. Every. Single. Day.

Which brings me to my next point...

2. Don't buy the first thing you see.

Don't worry, I've been there too. Something pretty grabs my eye and I make that impulse purchase, get it home, put it out of reach of little fingers and then *might* get around to framing it one day. More often it gets forgotten about at the back of the linen closet only to be found when we've run out of clean towels.

Now I'm not saying never buy that pretty thing in the window/market stall/Insta square. 

But 9 times out of 10 you're better off waiting, seeing what else is out there and then if you still come back to it you'll know you'll truly enjoy having it on the walls of your home. (And sometimes you might even get lucky and it's on sale when you return! #yesthatshappenedtome ) 

And lastly, 

3. 'Buy less, choose well' - Vivienne Westwood

Ms Westwood is on the money here.

Tell me, what would you prefer? To replace your artwork every 6 months or buy a beautiful investment piece that will last a lifetime?

I mean not every single art piece you buy you're going to want around forever but if you've followed my first two tips most of it you will.

It makes much more sense, for both your bank balance and the environment to invest in quality artworks that you will cherish for a very long time rather than pieces that date/fade/you tire of and need to replace frequently.

Plus it's exhausting redecorating all the time - image all the other things you could be doing! 


So there's your 3 tips for choosing artwork for your home. I hope you find them useful and help you create a space full of joy and love.




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