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Are Fine Art Prints worth the $$$?

I've been asked a lot, especially at markets, about the pricing difference between my Fine Art prints and my Cardstock prints. Some of my paintings I stock in both Fine Art and Cardstock so it's a reasonable question particularly if someone doesn't have an art background.

To answer this question I thought I'd write a little blog post about the differences so if you are tossing up between the two and whether the Fine Art print is worth the extra $$ this should help you decide!

Cardstock, Fine Art print and Original artwork

Fine Art Prints

  • Fine Art prints very closely resemble the original artwork, so much so that at a recent market I accidently put a framed Fine Art print in my original artwork section! (Luckily I realised before anyone tried to buy it!!) If you are a lover of original artworks (like me!) but can't afford the price tag, Fine Art prints are the next best thing!
  • My Fine Art prints are printed using Archival Inks - this means when kept out of direct sunlight the inks will last 75 years without fading. I'll be 35 this year, so that means my current Fine Art prints will outlast me!
  • My Fine Art prints are printed on 310gsm German Etching paper. This is beautiful paper that looks just like watercolour paper. The 310gsm is the thickness of the paper. To give you a comparison the regular paper you put in your home or office printer is usually only 80gsm.

So basically the Fine Art prints are a premium print, that when framed up are hard to differentiate from the originals and in my professional opinion easily justify their price tag. In the image below the Fine Art print is on the left with the Original artwork on the right. 

Fine Art Print and Original Artwork

Cardstock prints

  • Cardstock prints are professionally printed on 300gsm cardstock paper.
  • They are printed using professional inks but these are not archival so the lightfastness (rate at which they will fade) is undetermined.

The colours on the Cardstock prints are still vibrant and the images print up beautifully although the colours don't match as closely to the originals as they do on the Fine Art prints.  I have found that with a couple of my paintings the Cardstock prints just don't do the colours justice so I will only sell them as Fine Art prints. So rest assured if you are purchasing a Cardstock print the quality will still be wonderful because I am very picky! In the image below the Cardstock print is on the left with the Original on the right. 

Cardstock print and Original artwork

So in a nutshell that is why the Fine Art prints are at a higher price point than the Cardstock prints. The base price for the actual artwork is the same, it's purely the premium materials that you are paying more for with a Fine Art print. Personally if I can't buy an original I would chose a Fine Art print every time but ultimately the decision is yours and whichever style print you choose, you will be getting a beautiful new artwork for your home!




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