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5 tips for a Greener Christmas!

If you've been a long time admirer of my work you would probably also know that I'm dead keen on reducing my carbon footprint. If everyone makes just a few small changes to help reduce waste I believe that would be just as good (if not better!) than only a few people making drastic changes.

So I've put together a quick 5 tip guide for you to help make Christmas a little more eco friendly. I don't expect everyone to implement all 5 - but if everyone who reads this makes just one change it can make a huge difference!

1. Give experiences rather than things.

Last year we bought yearly memberships to the zoo. The kids LOVED it and we well and truly got our money's worth through out the year. Some other ideas are movie tickets, restaurant gift cards and sporting tickets. 

2. Gift preloved items.  

I rarely buy brand new books. You can pick up second hand books that look almost new anyway so why waste your $ and the earth's resources buying new? My kids also sport amazing wardrobes made up primarly of great op shop finds and hand me downs from family and friends. Again most of these items look almost new when we get them and it prevents the clothing from ending up in landfill so it's a #winwin.

3. Donate your time or $ to a charity.

I find especially for those hard to buy for/have everything people (I'm looking at you Mum and Dad!) donating money to a charity in their name is heartfelt gift. World Vision even have a handy gift guide where you can buy the likes of a goat or piglet for a family and print off a card to show your loved one how their Christmas present is helping someone less fortunate. 

Likewise at this time of year, the gift of your time means a lot to people who have few material possessions or strong human connections. I know I have been guilty of taking the relationships I have with family and friends for granted and sometimes forget that there are people, who for a number of reasons, do not experience long lasting relationships with others. 

4. Reduce Packaging (especially plastic!)

Try to choose gifts that come wrapped in minimal packaging. Markets are a great place to find unique items without the plastic and most times you are supporting a small business owner too. If you do want to wrap a gift for someone, why not choose a beautiful tea towel or piece of fabric that can be reused or composted afterwards.

5. No more bubble wrap!

I know sometimes posting fragile items is unavoidable, and the usual go to is of course the 'ever so tempting to pop' bubble wrap! While there's no denying kids do love popping it, you can use plain popped at home popcorn to cushion your breakables instead. It's cheap, easy to make and can be composted by the recipient.  


So that's my quick list of eco friendly ideas for you to try this Christmas. I would love for you to leave a comment below if you try any (or all!) of them out!

Have a wonderful Christmas



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