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  • 5 tips for a Greener Christmas!

    If you've been a long time admirer of my work you would probably also know that I'm dead keen on reducing my carbon footprint. If everyone makes ju...
  • How to choose ART for your home!

    How to choose art for your home?

    My style may be completely different to yours and yet when choosing art for your home, the following 3 tips can apply to anyone!

  • Getting Started with Watercolours

    I've been chatting with my Instagram tribe lately and one of the things people have said they are interested in are some tips and tricks for beginn...
  • Are Fine Art Prints worth the $$$?

    So in a nutshell that is why the Fine Art prints are at a higher price point than the Cardstock prints. The base price for the actual artwork is the same, it's purely the premium materials that you are paying more for with a Fine Art print. Personally if I can't buy an original I would chose a Fine Art print every time but ultimately the decision is yours and whichever style print you choose, you will be getting a beautiful new artwork for your home!
  • Mother's Day Giveaway

    Can you believe Mother's Day is less than a month away? To celebrate I have joined forces with some other amazing Australian business' to offer yo...