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Eric Carle Inspired Collage Art

This is a really fun art activity that kids will LOVE!

Age Recommendation:  4 years and above

The children each chose an animal they wanted to create so we spent some time looking at pictures of giraffes and cows to decide which colours we would need to use and what shapes we would need to cut out.

They both love painting so really enjoyed getting those colours onto the page (and themselves!).  Once the paint had dried Mr 4 needed a bit of help cutting out the shapes he wanted to use but was able to glue and place the shapes himself to make his picture. Miss 2 needed one on one assistance for all cutting and gluing and lost interest fairly quickly - hence the age recommendation above!!

They both loved their finished pictures and holding and using the paint brush, cutting with scissors and spreading glue also helps to practice those important fine motor skills so this activity is a win/win in my book!

What you'll need:

Paints and paintbrushes - we use Crayola Washable Acrylic paint pots

Egg carton or tray to put the paint in

A few sheets of paper to paint onto

A piece of thicker paper or card to glue the shapes onto




Here's what to do:

  1. Help your child choose an animal to create and have a look at some pictures of them.
  2. Choose the paint colours you will need for your animal and pour some out into your egg carton/tray.
  3. Let children paint the colours onto the paper. These do not need to be neat, it's just about getting the colour onto the paper and enjoying the process!
  4. Let paint dry!
  5. Once the paint is dry, cut out the shapes you will need to make your animal (depending on the age/skill level of your child they may need help with this).
  6. Glue the shapes onto the piece of card to make your animal.
  7. Once you are done you might like to pop it into a frame - IKEA sell some great simple frames (pictured here) for only a couple of dollars and they come in a range of colours. 

I hope you and your children enjoy this activity! I would LOVE to see their creations so please tag me on Instagram @betty.bluebelle


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